Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Most Reviewed Book

No other book has been "reviewed" as much as the Bible. Its detractors have cursed it, burned it, spat upon it, or done their best to either declare it full of fairy tales or outright lies. When all else has failed they have simply ignored it, in the hope it would somehow go away. Those who love it have embraced it, cherished it, and taken its truths to heart. Lives have been transformed for eternity by the Spirit that indwells this book, which is something that your latest New York Times bestseller will never be able to do.

Read some of what the great evangelist Dwight L. Moody had to say about God's Word in today's selection below:

-- There are over two hundred passages in the Old Testament which prophesied about Christ, and every one of them has come true.

-- God didn't give the world two different Bibles; they are one, and must be believed from back to back, from Genesis to Revelations, or not at all.

-- I haven't found the first man who ever read the Bible from back to back carefully who remained an infidel. My friends, the Bible of our mothers and fathers is true.

-- The Word of God may be darkened to the natural man, but the way of Salvation is written so plain, that the little child six years old can understand it if she will.

-- Set more and more store by the Bible. Then troubles in your Christian life will pass away like a morning cloud. You will feed and live on the Word of God, and it will become the joy of your soul.

-- There are dark and mysterious things in the Bible now, but when you begin to trust Christ your eyes will be opened and the Bible will be a new book to you. It will become the Book of books to you.

-- I notice if a man goes to cut up the Bible and comes to you with one truth and says, "I don't believe this, and I don't believe that,"--I notice when he begins to doubt portions of the Word Of God he soon doubts it all.

-- If you will show me a Bible Christian living on the Word of God, I will show you a joyful man. He is mounting up all the time. He has got new truths that lift him up over every obstacle, and he mounts over difficulties higher and higher, like a man I once heard of who had a bag of gas fastened on either side, and if he just touched the ground with his foot, over a wall or a hedge he would go; and so these truths make us so light that we bound over every obstacle.

--from Moody's Anecdotes and Illustrations by Dwight L. Moody


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