Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gift Ideas

Christianity wants nothing so much in the world as sunny people, and the old are hungrier for love than for bread, and the Oil of Joy is very cheap, and if you can help the poor on with a Garment of Praise it will be better for them than blankets.

--from Beautiful Thoughts by Henry Drummond


kay said...

Bless those who help others:
My story: I am 41 years old and have 2 children, until 6 months ago everything around me was on solid ground (I mean life wasn't perfect but I was doing ok) I don't expect that many will even believe me, but I have to try.

First let me say I do have a job, I had two jobs but was laid off my 2nd job, I started feeling really tried but just passed it off as being a little stressed and not resting. I went to the doctor to only now be told that I have breast cancer and it's petty progressed. I cannot think about that as it has now only put more stress and added additional challenges for my family. I tried to get assistance from the local Family and Children Services but was told that I do not qualify they told me that I am over the thresh hold on income. I asked them what does that mean. I just did not understand. Today I called our utility company to get assistance with the light bill , they gave me until Jan 5th after the Holiday's. I am already in Foreclosure on my Home and have until 1 February. I thank you for reading and thank you for any support you may be able to give if only $1 can make a difference. I have a Pay Pal account if any one could help. khill010268@aol.com

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