Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Seeing the Unseen

Lord, let our eyes the things unseen behold,
And, ’mid the glory that like sunset dies,
Fair to the sight the wondrous bliss unfold
That lives in beauty under cloudless skies.

And let our ears the things unuttered hear,
That silent voices to the soul can tell;
That heart can whisper when a heart is near
Of love that scorns in uttered tones to dwell.

Teach us to know that things unseen are real,
That earth no bloom of fadeless beauty gives,
That far beyond the things that sense can feel,
The joy of being, and of having, lives.

Lord Who hast risen, nor left the world behind,
Daily incline our sense-bound souls to soar,
Till ’mong the things all hidden we may find
Possessions that abide for evermore.

--from Hymns from the Morningland by John Brownlie, tr.



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