Thursday, July 23, 2009

Always There

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Constant Companion

Sometimes we forget
In the midst of the noise
And the pain
And the rain
Of our fear,
That no matter how far
We think we are
From peace and comfort
Our Savior is near.

Cries of terror may still come,
And the shells may still fall,
Yet through it all
We can still hear His voice
If we listen.

Will the danger lessen
Because of His presence?
Will the bullets fall short
Because He is there?
Who can tell?
For what man among us
Can number his days,
Can know all God's ways
And plans for him?

But this we can know:
He will walk with us
Through each valley
Of the shadow of death;
He will hold us close
As He has always done
From first cry to final breath.
All He asks is for our love,
Acceptance, and trust.

So that someday,
On that one day
That only the Father knows,
Whether in war-torn lands
Or in loved-ones' hands
We fall...
We will rise
In the sweet knowledge
That He is still there for us
Our Constant Companion



Kathleen said...

Beautiful! Did you write this?

John Roper said...

Yes I did. I'm glad you liked it.

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