Saturday, July 25, 2009

Constant Need

Most Christians can remember when they took that initial step of faith in Christ. But after you put your trust in your Lord and Savior, what then? Was life suddenly all rosy and wonderful? Did all the problems disappear in life? Were you suddenly picture perfect?

Don't hurt yourself as you roll on the floor with laughter.

No, very few of us were suddenly superheroes of the faith when we first accepted Jesus, and most of us wouldn't dream of claiming such a title even after years or even decades after becoming believers. The truth is we need Christ just as desperately now as we did then, not for initial salvation, naturally, but for the gradual honing and polishing into the his image that is the true Christian life.

Today's video by Josh Wilson speaks to that moment-by-moment need for our Savior.

--Josh Wilson - Savior, Please



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