Monday, July 6, 2009

Dropping the Disguise


All of us have a face we show the world,
a mask we hide behind to protect ourselves,
but there is One who knows our secret side,
who sees beyond the make-up and pretense.

We are hard-wired to know and be known by Him.
Happiness comes when we no longer try to hide
but instead seek Him out with all our being
in order to bask in His loving presence.



Angi said...

Loved this! I awakened one Sunday 3 years ago to the mask I was wearing because I realized I was only fooling myself. Since then, God had has lead me on an incredible journey. It's amazing what happens in our lives when we let Him lead it.

K. Frangeskos said...

Great Post!
With God...we should always be ourselves...HE makes us feel better
about everything...
and HE loves us really
for who we are!
We are HIS children and friends!

Thanks for visiting my site
Best regards
K. Frangeskos

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