Monday, February 16, 2009

A Taste of Temptation

Tempted by all of that leftover Valentine's Day candy? Well, perhaps a little indulgence in the candy department won't hurt. After all, it was given to you. But be careful. A habit of yielding to temptation can be deadly.

Every day we are faced with countless opportunities to hurt our walk with God. Oh, they may not look like that immediately on the surface, but if the activity or thought pattern somehow pulls us along a path that is not God-honoring then we begin to damage our relationship with the one who saved us.

The "borrowing" of supplies at your office for your personal use, the "tasting for quality" time and again at your restaurant job, the casual "white" lies to a child or spouse or co-worker that become easier and easier every time you tell them. These are just a few of the subtle ways we are tempted to compromise our faith, to live in a manner that sullies our Christian witness.

This may seem to be a repeat of the theme of yesterday's post, but it is a topic I feel we need to stress periodically because we can slip up so easily. We need to ask God to help us put a spiritual magnifying glass on our daily lives. We might be shocked by what we see.


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