Thursday, February 12, 2009

Professor or Parent?

Ever feel like if you took a test on your faith you would flunk? We often mistakenly see God as a taskmaster, a demanding professor who expects us to be perfect by the time we've dried off after baptism. But like all good teachers, God knows that learning the lessons he has for us takes time. In fact, it takes a lifetime.

Some days it will feel like you've got this life of faith down cold; you're walking in grace and peace and nothing the world throws at you can faze you. Other days you stumble so much you wonder why God even bothers with you at all. The thing is that the God who saved you is the same one that designed you. He knows your strengths and even (cough! cough!) your weaknesses. What's beautiful is that he loves us anyway, and is more patient than we can imagine.

So rid yourself of the image of the surly professor god and embrace instead the true image of a loving father who won't kick you when you fall but instead pick you up, dust you off, and hold your hand as you step forward once more.


thatryan said...

Great words and encouraging to read, glad I stumbled upon this Blog. Thank you.

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