Tuesday, May 12, 2009

God in Nature

Heaven, Earth, Sea, and Air
by Joachim Neander

Lo, heaven and earth, and sea and air,

Their Maker's glory all declare;

And thou, my soul, awake and sing,

To Him Thy praises also bring.

Through Him the glorious Source of Day

Drives all the clouds of night away;

The pomp of stars, the moon's soft light,

Praise Him through all the silent night.

Behold, how He hath everywhere

Made earth so wondrous rich and fair;

The forest dark, the fruitful land,

All living things do show His hand.

Behold, how through the boundless sky

The happy birds all swiftly fly!

And fire and wind and storm are still

The ready servants of His will.

Behold the waters' ceaseless flow,

For ever circling to and fro;

The mighty sea, the bubbling well,

Alike their Maker's glory tell.

My God, how wondrously dost Thou

Unfold Thyself to us e'en now!

O grave it deeply on my heart

What I am, Lord, and what Thou art!

--from The Chorale Book for England translated by Catherine Winkworth



Mikes said...

I was just reminded while reading this wonderful poem that when we don't praise him, God will cause the stones to praise Him instead.

-Your Daily Word

hari said...

this is wonderful and real source of encouragement for christians..i like your blog...

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