Friday, April 17, 2009

Short and Sweet

Why use a thousand words to make your point when ten will do the job better? Such is the power of proverbs and maxims. These bite-sized chunks of wisdom often impact our thinking more than the finest book or treatise.

With this in mind, periodically Soul Strokes will feature a post dedicated to a few pithy sayings by some of the masters of this art of expression. Today's thoughts come from the pen of John Wright Follette, an acclaimed Bible teacher, poet, and author from the early part of the last century. May they enrich you as they have enriched others over the years.

If we know HIM, we know enough!

Never take the initiative in moving into anything unless you have the Word of God to garrison you.--As soon as the Spirit takes hold of that Word, He makes it a throbbing reality.

The motto of Jesus' life: "I have come to do Thy will, O God."

Some leave the great essentials, and involve themselves with doctrinal issues.

We were not made for the here and now; we were made for the heart of God.

The spiritual, mental and physical should all have their source in the Christ.

It is not a reformation, but a total deliverance when He comes.

When we move in the will of God, it answers about a thousand prayers.

There is such a difference between being religious and being spiritual.

Always watch out that you have not too many possessions. If you are not careful, those possessions will possess you!

Don't develop a devil consciousness; develop a God consciousness.

Too many are conscious of their limitations. Count HIM in! Remember what He did with five loaves and two fishes.

Humility is something which is birthed within, and, if we think we have it; we haven't!

Lord, keep me alive until I die.

--from Golden Grain by John Wright Follette



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