Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crown the Lord of Glory

Crown the Lord of glory,

Angels, crown your King;

Saints whose souls He ransomed,

Bring your offering;

Let no voice be silent,

Laud and honour bring.

Crown the Lord of glory,

Once He dwelt below,

Bore the cross of sorrow,

Drank the cup of woe;

Now He reigns triumphant,

Let your praises flow.

Crown the Lord of glory,--

On the earth He wore

Purple robe that mocked Him,

Thorns His brow that tore;

Now His griefs are ended,

Praise Him evermore.

Crown the Lord of glory,

For His work is done;

Crown the King of glory,

God's eternal Son;

In my life enthroned,

Be Thy reign begun!

--from Hymns From The East by John Brownlie



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