Sunday, December 6, 2009

Seeking the Lost

Do you ever stop and ask yourself how many of the people you meet are saved? We encounter sometimes hundreds of individuals daily in school or at work, on the streets or in the stores. How many know Christ? And if we are true believers, what is stopping us from sharing the life-changing faith we know with them? Fear? Sure, none of us like to open ourselves up to potential rejection and ridicule, but is the chance that some lost soul will come to know Jesus through your efforts worth the risk?

Granted, not everyone is a Billy Graham, and no evangelism technique works in all cases. For example, stopping in the middle of a mall and shouting to everybody within earshot to get saved probably won't get you very far, but what about those one-on-one opportunities when you can begin building a friendship with someone new? Those connections can become redemptive relationships that can help one day open the door for you leading another person into a saving knowledge of Christ. And don't your friends deserve that chance?

How will the lost ever get found if we are too afraid to look for them?

--Britt Nicole - The Lost Get Found



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