Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ah! Angels Hailed That Morning Bright

Photo credit: chrchr_75


He came because the Father willed,

And from the midst of heaven’s renown,

The promise to our world fulfilled,

And won a kingdom for His crown.


He came because He willed to bear

The burden that His love imposed;

And all our lot of sorrow share,

Until the day in darkness closed.


Ah! angels hailed that morning bright,

And in the heavens their carols sung;

But God Himself was hid in night,

When sin and death their arrows flung.


But not to sink beneath their power,

The God-man girt Him for the fray;

And from the darkness of that hour,

There sprang the light of endless day.


And wounded souls the triumph knew;

Fresh courage to the faint was given;

And e’en the dead to life anew,

Rose in the glorious might of heaven.


For sin was crushed, and death was slain;—

All hail, the great victorious Son,

Who mounts the throne of heaven again,

To rule the kingdom He has won.

--from Hymns from the Morningland by John Brownlie



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