Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No More Despair

Photo credit: Dainis Matisons

No More Despair

by Heinrich Frauenlob

Now will I nevermore despair of heaven,

Since it is Thine, my Father, who hast given

Thy glorious kingdom to the poor indeed.

Yea, mighty God, since Father is Thy name,

Christ for my brother I may dare to claim,

And He for all my sins will help me plead.

A brother's truth to us He swore

When on Himself He took humanity,

For us alone that form He wore,

For us alone hung high upon the Tree.

Look in what cruel sorrows there He pined!

Dear Lord, I bid thee call those woes to mind,

And, brother-like, entreat Thy Father, who is mine,

To give me, too, my lot in that blest heritage of Thine.

--from Christian Singers of Germany
by Catherine Winkworth



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