Monday, September 7, 2009

Source of My Life's Refreshing Springs

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Not long ago I discovered the poetry of the shy, Welsh hymn-writer, Anna Waring. Simple yet polished, her poetry has the power to touch hearts in a way that rivals the works of more popular writers. A great sermon could be preached from the truth contained in the last stanza of today's poem alone. May this week's selections from Anna's pen bless you as much as they bless me.


"Thou maintainest my lot." -- Psalm 16:5.

Source of my life's refreshing springs,

Whose presence in my heart sustains me,

Thy love appoints me pleasant things,

Thy mercy orders all that pains me.

If loving hearts were never lonely,

If all they wish might always be,

Accepting what they look for only,

They might be glad, but not in Thee.

Well may Thy own beloved, who see

In all their lot their Father's pleasure,

Bear loss of all they love, save Thee,

Their living, everlasting treasure.

Well may Thy happy children cease

From restless wishes prone to sin,

And, in Thy own exceeding peace,

Yield to Thy daily discipline.

We need as much the cross we bear,

As air we breathe, -- as light we see;

It draws us to Thy side in prayer,

It binds us to our strength in Thee.

--from Hymns and Meditations by Anna L. Waring



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