Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Meeting Jesus Daily

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A man may study his Bible or his commentary carefully; he may look up all the parallel passages in the chapter; when he comes out of his closet he may be able to tell you all about it, and yet he
has never met Jesus that morning at all.

You have prayed for five or ten minutes, and you have never met Jesus. And so we must remember that though the Bible is most precious, and the reading of it most blessed and needful; yet prayer and Bible reading are not fellowship with Jesus.

What we need every morning is to meet Jesus, and to say, "Lord, here is the day again, and I am just as weak in myself as ever I was; do Thou come and feed me this morning with Thyself and speak to my soul."

Oh, friends, it is not your faith that will keep you standing, but it is a living Jesus, met Every day in fellowship and worship and love. Wait in His presence, however cold and faithless you feel. Wait before Him and say: "Lord, helpless as I am, I believe and rest in the blessed assurance that what Thou hast promised Thou wilt do for me."

--from Jesus Himself by Andrew Murray



Raymond Lee said...

In my heart ,our god is alway use us...So i consider meeting him daily..:)

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