Friday, March 20, 2009

A Light in the Darkness

You pick up the paper and read the daily blues. Wars, crimes, and heartaches bleed from every page. Turning on the television for some relief, you find your morality mocked and challenged with every new program offered. You don't even bother with the Internet. After all, filtering out all the spam from your inbox is just one more thing to discourage you today.

In times like these we sometimes get tired of fighting. If God has abandoned the world and left it to spiral into decay and destruction, what is the point in even being a Christian? Maybe its best to snuff out our candle of faith, conform to the darkness around us, and slowly die with everyone else.

Can you sense the lie? The enemy of our souls would love for us to believe that all hope is lost, and that God has left town. If through his propaganda he can cause us to give in to despair, then he knows he has taken one more soldier out of the battle for mankind, a soldier who could seriously damage his plans if left alone.

The truth is that there is a war going on and you and I as believers are on the front lines. Due to our position, almost all we ever see are the weapons of the enemy firing and the resulting casualties. What we are often blind to, though, is how our actions on Christ's behalf are chopping through the other side's defenses. As we stand fast on the tenets of our faith and hold high the Lord's banner, the resulting spiritual light pushes back the darkness, giving others the opportunity to see the truth of the Gospel and be saved from Satan's camp. Is it any wonder, then, that the enemy will resort to any means, even discouragement and trickery, in order to subdue us? Face it; we're dangerous.

Is the war raging around you? Stand strong. The light of Christ's love you shine may be just the beacon some prisoner needs to find his way to freedom.


Kathleen said...

We are needed in the fight more now than ever, aren't we?

Katie G said...

how true is that...i often feel like I'm being overwhelmed by this world and I just need some refreshment from the father...sometimes I need to not just sit down and relax though...I have to get up and fight till it feels like there is nothing left...but, there always is, for God is always sustaining.

your baby girl

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