Monday, March 2, 2009

God's Artistry

There is no denying it; God's world is awe-inspiring. From tumbling waterfalls to towering mountains to soft breezes rippling through miles of ripening grain, the wonders of God's creation can leave one breathless.

At times one view of his handiwork is not enough for us. We long to capture the moonbeams for posterity, grab on to the setting sun for our scrapbook, store the cool raindrops for some hot, summer day of the future. But those daily miracles are for the moment. Not to worry; there will be more to provide a gentle reminder of his majesty in days to come.

What we can preserve, though, are the memories of those moments in time when God revealed himself to us through nature. Why? Because frankly there are times when the world's griefs become so overwhelming that we begin to doubt that God cares or even exists. Scripture and the counsel of others can help tremendously, but sometimes the best medicine for me, at least, is to look up at God's newest cloud paintings in the sky or recall to mind the sound of the waves crashing on the beach at night in Africa and realize that the trials in my life are but a blip in eternity. The God who created all these wonders is in complete control of my situation like He is in nature. Just as he has cared enough in the past to send a cool breeze my way when I really needed one, so, too, will He get me through this current crisis. All I need to do is trust in his timing.

Our God is not some clockmaker who wound up the world and let it go. No, God is an intimate, personal father and friend who loves us, cares for us, and shows us daily reminders of his power and provision through his creation.


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