Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mirror Image

Few of us are truly satisfied with the person in our mirror. We look in the glass in passing and the voices start. Too fat. Too thin. Too short. Too tall. Why can't I have more hair, fewer wrinkles? It's so unfair that her skin is clear and mine looks like the surface of the moon. Any of these voices sound familiar?

Maybe the voices don't mention the physical. Maybe they criticize deeper, question who you are as a person. Why can't you be a better father, mother, brother, sister? So you think you're a follower of Christ? Ha! How could He love someone as messed up as you? Maybe if you weren't so spineless and had some will-power you could be a good person.

And that's where the big lie comes sneaking into our hearts, the lie that somehow if we just try hard enough we can measure up to God's standards. But the truth is that our own efforts toward self-perfection will only lead to frustration. Only by "letting go and letting God" can we know the changes that are needed to make us into the people that the mirrors of self-reflection can't pick apart.

Christ, the Spirit of Christ, interpenetrating ours, sweetens, purifies, transforms all. This only can eradicate what is wrong, work a chemical change, renovate and regenerate, and rehabilitate the inner man. Will-power does not change men. Time does not change men. Christ does.

--from Beautiful Thoughts by Henry Drummond


Wendy Byard said...

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