Thursday, November 20, 2008

Age Gauge

How old are you on the inside? Rarely do our calendar years correspond to the age we feel in our mind's view. That's why the 70-year-old grandma can't figure out who that old person is in the mirror. After all, she can see past the wrinkles and gray hair to the 21-year-old college girl within her. Why can't other people see her in the same way?

The truth is that our physical age is irrelevant. We are eternal creatures, designed to live forever with our Creator. These bodies grow, age, and eventually wear out, but the inner child of God lives on, hopefully growing daily in the knowledge and wisdom of his Lord, slowly but surely conforming to Christ's image. Take time to recapture that child-like spirit as you reflect on Him today.

"The Image of Christ that is forming within us--that is life's
one charge. Let every project stand aside for that. "Till Christ be formed," no man's work is finished, no religion crowned, no life has fulfilled its end. Is the infinite task begun? When, how, are we to be different? Time cannot change men. Death cannot change men. Christ can. Wherefore PUT ON CHRIST." -- Henry Drummond


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