Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Making the Most of Every Moment

Do we make the most of every moment while here on Earth? Of course not. But if we truly had an understanding of how important it was to live out our lives as an effective witness for Christ on a daily basis (while we still have time to do so), would it change our time management in such a way that we would make more of the moments count?



Rachel said...

It is a wonderful concept- "making the most of every moment" - and when we come to a place of being "spirit-led" then that is what happens. Too often we push ahead with what we think is most important - when God has another idea.

I'm trying to slow down, not be so busy so that I have a listening ear to the Spirit moment to moment - it is so much harder than I ever thought. The many "voices" around me can be demanding, but it should be one voice that I listen to.


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